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Johnson Family Farms is a progressive, family-owned and operated business headquartered in west-central Illinois. Our family’s agricultural heritage can be traced back to the late 1860’s. Since that time, the faces of our farming operation have changed, but our core values and the way we operate have not.

Our farming operation of today
focuses on six key competencies:


Our farm operates with the latest technology advancements. From the automatic guidance systems on our machinery, to the seeds we plant, on our farm, that contain numerous traits, the technology we use allows us to generate higher returns per acre.
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The partners in our business span two generations, giving us over 40 years of production agriculture experience.


Central Illinois is home to some of the best grain markets in the world, such as the rail lines that extend into the south to feed livestock, the River Terminals located along the Illinois River, and Archer Daniels Midland Company; the world’s largest producer of corn bi-products.
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We believe that our landowners deserve more than just a rent check when doing business with us. Items such as planting maps, yield maps and soil sample results are just a few of the items a landowner can expect when partnering with us.


Simply put, we believe in treating our rented land the same as the farmland we own. We focus on today’s conservation practices to ensure that your investment is worth as much in the future as it was when you partnered with us.
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We are constantly in search of ways to grow and expand our operation and are always interested in acquiring new land in all directions from our base of operations.

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